[REL]3.1 MaRzY's Tommiez

12-25-2003, 05:09 PM
Translation can be found here :P : http://www.dayofdefeat.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=25465

Well... to make it short :D -
Bruta's - skin - /me likes.

Marzy's - model, anime, clip full/empty - /me likes.
Poly's - skin /me likes some.

Marzy + bruta + Poly = w00t ?! me can't... so... /me converts + /me edits :-)

My part in this release was converting bruta's skin to fit the clip/inout trick by marzy, converting and editing original skins from poly fit and look just like bruta's skin, retexturing and recoloring...
lots of small Photoshop works.

a LOT of reference editings... it took some nice time to convert it, maybe because i learned so much during this convert but it was hard, atleast for me, the reason for the hard job was the fact any change of the barrel and some other parts of the model made the whole empty/full clip trick fooked up and compiling/decompiling the model twice made the same thing to happen and ended the whole effect.
the other time i was skining and matching the colors and retexturing a little, some recoloring to poly's skin too...
some more time took me to understand what im doing, why im doing and will i release it and keep working...
Also... the sound editing and the QC file editing to make the sounds blend with the new reload anime and finnaly after about a week of work (not every day ;p) and testing - the release.

Model - 3.1 Tommy by the dev team converted to 1.0/1.1 by MaRzY, Big thanks for the new, original reload anime conversion.
Skins : Brutaliztion, Poly, MaRzY - 90% after my edits, some major edits the other minors.
Sounds : Big thanks for kraut killer for the "auto recharge" sound effect added to the QC file and the sound itself (your original sound is hiding there between my edits :P), unknown bar_slap sound edited (sorry).
Sleeves hands/gloves: Devs originals, Dillinger ( love that dude ;]) sleeves and gloves, half originals half after my editings.
Conversion of bruta's skin into this model and compiling by me + sound to frame retiming by me for more accurate reload sounds.

DOWNLOAD: http://dmstudios-online.com/files/

Alternative skins: Dillinger based Sleeves and Gloves some his originals and the others are my edit + normal hands (devs)

Brutalic: Full bruta conversion with the same gloves/sleeves from his release by dillinger.

CustomHeavy: bruta's original main skin, the other stuff are poly's textures and marzy's clip after my edits.

CustomLite: same but with normal sleeves/hands by the devs.

Sounds: tommy_reload_slap is pretty much needed, the tommy recharge gives a cool effect and it's totaly optional, both go to dod\sound\weapons\

References : after a decompile that will be compiled the whole full/empty clip effect will be ruined, if you want to edit or change textures with diffrent size for the model you will need those, 1 for bruta full convert and the other for the custom ones... QC added.

Big thanks for dillinger, marzy, bruta and poly for their great works... Don't get me wrong, you have most likely to have seen those skins/models already in a way or another but IMO this releases just gives them a better overall enhancement + a conversion for those who liked bruta's skins, i wrote so much cause i felt like :P and also because i worked a lot on it and so i wanted to get it all out ;-]

Have fun and happy holiday,
Cheers! Mortar.

Sorry for the long scroll :-)
Pictures can be found at the original releases thread, not very far from the release if you combine it in your head.

Thanks for DMStudios for hosting aye ? :-)

12-25-2003, 06:09 PM
it looks really nice ;)

12-26-2003, 04:20 AM
Awesome, thatīs truly the ultimate SMG replacement for the US forces. GJ! :cool:

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