Thompson 1928

12-15-2003, 01:13 AM
Could some one model this?

12-15-2003, 04:01 AM
it has been done already, just use the search button for thompson in the title and you'll find it ;)

12-15-2003, 08:27 AM
here's the link :D (

12-15-2003, 08:48 AM
Yeah, thats a sweet tommy pack, i have been using the commando version in that pack for god nows how long!

12-15-2003, 01:06 PM
Klown also released one *scratches head as to the whereabouts of klown* it has some nice anims:)

12-16-2003, 11:50 PM
Could some one FOV it. the one that matches the one in the pic.

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