Marzy sleeve model edit, it should be simple - INFO Inside

11-22-2003, 09:32 AM
If you remember marzy's garand pack V3, he made new good looking sleeves, my problem is that the right hand sleeve is not as perfect as the left one, and when using a 512x512 sleeve texture the reload sequance have a small "bug" when the glove/hand enters the sleeve in a wierd cut.

It's a not a big deal... but i would like to see it happens nicely.

I tried editing it in milkshape but my lame MS skills couldn't do the job right, what i want is some1 to make the right sleeve look smooth as the left one.

Here is a picutre:

11-22-2003, 09:33 AM
And here is a zip with some more pictures and the smd file:

11-22-2003, 12:37 PM
Owns strider, Thanks man ;] but one problem...
it won't do any of the garand's animations with the sleeves.

It means that when i load the model, i just see the sleeves floating in the air and only the hands are holding the rifle and make the animations... the reload and everything but all the time the sleeves are not connected and they are just floating, just like you see when you load only the sleeves without a reference file.

if you still don't understand what im talking about, take a garand, decompile it, use the sleeve you made and compile it, then load it.

11-22-2003, 01:44 PM
omfg rofl forgot bout the bone asignment

11-22-2003, 01:45 PM

11-22-2003, 01:54 PM
I would never release a model in that state, that is not my work, that is some one's attemt at hacking my work. I just decompiled the v3 garand to take a look for myself, and my work is nothing like that, you are not using the original released model.

Here is a pic showing how i released it.

Pic (

What it looks like to me is some idiot has tried sticking a normal scaled hand model, on a down scaled sleeve model.

I've also checked the reload anim, and i see no cliping what so ever.


11-22-2003, 02:04 PM
You are right, the model is not yours.

But i took the sleeves from you.

It is the Garand V3 without the bayo.

Strider - just what i wanted, Thanks m8 :-)

11-22-2003, 02:07 PM
Originally posted by Mortar
If you remember marzy's garand pack V3, he made new good looking sleeves, my problem is that the right hand sleeve is not as perfect as the left one.

Here is a picutre:

I'm sorry, but to me this is saying my work is shabby, when the truth is it's your work thats shabby.

11-22-2003, 02:18 PM
This is extremely wierd, i just downloaded your pack again, and the model is really fine !

when i decompiled from your pack i had from before, this is how it looked ! i swear.
maybe something got ****ed up while decompiling !?
This is really really wierd, maybe i got the sleeves from a diffrent place and i was wrong ? it can't be !

anyway... strider thanks again and marzy im sorry, you were right...

Something in here is strange ()_O

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