Eugene Roe's Reorigined Weapons -Allies Pack

11-09-2003, 04:42 PM
Eugene Roe proudly presents, The Allies Weapon Reorigin Pack!

Screen Shots (

Download Link (

Many things were taken in consideration in making this pack. I wanted to get a new feel for where the weapons were held i.e under the shoulder. Taking factors such as weapon clippings among other things such as incomplete weapon models I've managed to create a somewhat limited yet good reorigin pack. I'm especially fond of the SMGs, especially Polygon's tommy masterpiece. This pack is far from perfect but it's beauty overweighs it's imperfections. Enjoy and look out for my British and Axis weapon reorigins coming sometime later.

M1 Garand (
Model: Nomad
Skins: Polygon
Animations: DoD Team (1.0)

M1A1 ( Thompson (
Model: Day of Defeat Team
Skin: Polygon
Remeshing: Deadlock
Contact: (Polygon)

M1 Carbine ( & Folded Stock version (
Model and Skin: Polygon, Nomad, P_Witty
New Wood Skin: Dillinger
Mesh Fix: Ska Wars
Contact: (Dillinger)

M3A1 'Greasegun' (
Model: Nomad
Animation: Glimsharp
Skin: Pyro

Springfield (
Model & Skin: Day of Defeat Team

.30 Caliber Machine Gun (
Model: Ls3 w/ Tripod by Devin Kryss
Barrel Model: DoD Team
Skin: P_witty w/ tweaks by Bots
Barrel Skin: Bots
Shell Model & Skin: -X- w/ tweaks by Bots

Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) (
Model: DoD Team
Skin: Devin Kryss

Colt 1911A (
Model & Mesh: Bullit
Skin: Pezz

Grenade (
Model & Skin: DoD Team

Wool Gloves (
Hand Texture: DoD Team
Glove Texture: Dillinger

Reorigin Tutorial
( )
( )
Tutorial: MaRzY

Special Thanks goes out to all DoD custom sites as well as the modlers, skinners, and animators who make games like this long lasting.

Much more thanks goes to Editor321 for his help in hosting these beauties.

PM me if I have left anyone out of the credits.
I am taking requests for custom reorigins. PM me for details.

11-09-2003, 04:59 PM
Nice job man, I have something similar in the works, with em all slightly further to the right,higher and back a bit so u cant see so much stock.

You just gave me some more models to work with :P

"Two Thumbs Fresh!"

11-09-2003, 05:47 PM
Greasegun looks horrible. Always take the time to align the textures properly.

11-09-2003, 06:37 PM
i usually dont use the "iron sighted" weapons, but that carbine looks sweet, so i think ill use it and maybe keep it if i like it. i have a pretty nice model right now, so i dont know...nice work though.

11-09-2003, 07:00 PM
Originally posted by rammsteinman
i usually dont use the "iron sighted" weapons, but that carbine looks sweet, so i think ill use it and maybe keep it if i like it. i have a pretty nice model right now, so i dont know...nice work though.

If you actually look carefully you will realize that they're not "Iron Sighted." And if you read my post you'd see that their more shoulder held than Iron Sighted with the exception of the BAR. Like I said, I was tired of the unbelievable default "to the far right" position and figured to move the weapon where it belongs, under the arm. Take some time playing with them and you'll see what I mean. As for textures I simply only reorigined the weapons, nothing more, nothing less.

11-09-2003, 07:09 PM
the thompson origin is sweet:)

11-10-2003, 12:05 PM
MAN! I LOVE CENTERED ORIGINS! This pack owns ass, I'll be using it for ever.

Brenden Azevedo
11-10-2003, 02:50 PM
Very Nice Models.

All we need now is the IronSight button binded to a key to give CoD a run for it's money.:)

John Wolf
05-24-2004, 04:21 PM
Is there any way to only use the gloves??, because I love them, but i also love the models I already have......

05-24-2004, 05:56 PM
Me like. Me uses.

One question though, If I were to rename the v_fcarb.mdl to v_m1carbine.mdl, would anything go screwy like. If so, how could I fix this problem?

05-24-2004, 06:16 PM
it would work fine

05-25-2004, 04:55 PM
very nice pack !

@ editor321

thats the ironsight pack which is offline at your page, now i got it :D

05-25-2004, 06:31 PM
Just curious, but couldn't you use "cl_bobcycle 0" and get pretty much the same thing?

05-25-2004, 07:02 PM
yah, this is kinda a year old thread.. :/

05-25-2004, 08:55 PM
I was wondering how this thread look so familar.... I thought the martix reset itself or something...

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