My first skins

09-15-2003, 07:15 PM
Ok. This is the first time i reskin. These are the original mnodels that i have reskinned. I know a lot of people did it before me but eh, ive got to start somewhere.

If you didnt notice, the original BAR model was a bit blue so i made it grey.

BAR reskin (

Webley (

09-15-2003, 07:16 PM
BAR reminds me of the 2.0 bar

09-15-2003, 07:51 PM
Just so people don't flip these are skin edits...

But I really like the BAR....

09-15-2003, 08:34 PM
Are these just recolors?

Dances w Wolves
09-16-2003, 02:58 AM
yes, and good start, keep it up :)

09-16-2003, 08:46 AM
i like the BAR skin, but this is the release forum, normally you put the models in here...

09-16-2003, 12:05 PM
I can hardly see any difference on these "reskins"

09-16-2003, 01:30 PM
Hehe, I already made and released this kind of edit on the old forums, people don't like the blueness of the BAR.

09-16-2003, 02:21 PM
Thanks all. Well since this is the release forum, im going to put links to download the skins, in case anyone dosent like the blue metal from the B.A.R..

Link remove. Models don't work when you try to dowload them.

Maybe in a couple of weeks i will take them off because they use a lot of space.

09-16-2003, 03:19 PM
Originally posted by Canuck
Just so people don't flip these are skin edits...

But I really like the BAR....


09-16-2003, 10:22 PM
Yeah, I realized that the default B.A.R had a blueish tint to it. It's been bugging me ever since I got 1.0!

I'll be using that B.A.R when you release it.

09-17-2003, 02:21 PM
Well its done but it won't work when i try to put it on my website. I will try to make it host by Day of Defeat editing center.

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